Magicians Only

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Magicians Only

This is my 82 page book, which started as lecture notes, and just kept growing. I've made a living with this material, and I'd love it to help you do the same. Included are the following:

  • Bunny Blast - my turbo 6 phase sponge bunny routine. Everyone loves it, young and me.
  • Shock and Aww - my workhorse memorized deck routine I open all my Magic Castle shows with, and nearly every table I perform at. Fast and furious multi-phased routine that gets them quickly applauding for EACH OTHER. Great place to be.
  • Chan to Chanel - my Ambitious Card routine. I have a couple unique twists a lot of pros love. I hope you do too.
  • The Sentinel - a card under seat that you WILL use. Easy to do, and kills. I double dog dare you not to.
  • The World's Toughest Card Trick - my magician fooler. A card is selected and shuffled into the deck by a spectator - behind your back - and you nail it in a very fun way.
  • Trade Show Strategy - I have an approach that is stress free for the average worker. Works very well for me. I got the basic idea from a Jim Snack book, and this is how I implement it.
  • Trade Show Opener - developed for use at trade shows, but very practical and effective anywhere.
  • Gumshoe - a svengali deck never looked so good. Fools EVERYONE. Very fun to perform, and self working.
  • The Full Cut Palm - an easy way to palm the top card during a simple action that you do all time. Totally invisible. Boris Wild called it "the best palm i've ever not seen. Amazing."
  • The Squish Control - very fooling, very easy card control that I use all the time. Again...fools magicians as well as laymen.
  • Naughty or Nice Tester - my presentation for Sol Stone's Standing Cork routine. A super way to entertain a whole bunch of kids at a big table.
  • The Jumping Knot of Chicago - my presentation for the classic effect. A "repeat-after-me" kidshow worker I've done for 25 years.
  • Superman - three people cut off portions of the deck and hold them face-up under the table. You see through the table with your X-Ray vision and name cards at will. Totally easy and fun to do.
  • Cheapo Ring-Go - a super inexpensive (probably free) version of the ring to nest of boxes. Super practical, super fooling. I've closed my stand-up shows with it for 20 years and it's the easiest trick I do. Usually the most popular thing at my lectures.
  • The Free and Unlimited Coinage of Fun - expand your presence at parties with these easy, inexpensive techniques. Imagine magic and fun happening at 5 or 10 tables all at the same time.


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